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Web App Development

I have experience building web-apps from scratch using multiple tech stacks like the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express JS, React JS, and Node JS), and the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)

iamSharma Reponsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

I have strong web design principles that follows industry standard axioms and rules for developing intuitive websites that work seamlessly well across all viewing platforms.

iamSharma Search Engine Optimization

Dev Ops

I have experience deploying my web-apps on Heroku, and I have configured NGINX as a reverse proxy for a website, and I have used GoDaddy to host several other websites.

iamSharma Graphic Design

Solving Problems

I have strong technical skills and experience delivering solutions to some very complex problems. I work great alone, and even better in a team.

My Projects

About Me

A Senior Year Computer Science student with a strong grasp of CS fundamentals, two software internships, experience building full stack web-apps, and a passion for solving technical challenges seeking opportunities


  • The Climate Corporation, San Francisco - Software Eng. Intern (May 2019 - Aug. 2019)
    • Developed a secure solution for delivering sensitive documents from cloud storage to company’s web-app
    • Used React JS, Redux, Apex (SalesForce), and REST APIs for developing the solution being used now
    • Made more enhancements to the web-app by adding features, refactoring code, and writing unit tests
    • Used agile development principles for gathering requirements, defining tasks, and implementing solutions
  • Genentech, San Francisco - Software Eng. Intern (Jun. 2018 - Aug. 2018)
    • Enhanced company’s internal web-app by developing several features that went live onto production
    • Used React JS, Redux, PHP - Laravel, SASS (CSS), and HTML for making the enhancements
    • Worked with the Swagger API tool for fetching data to populate employee information on the web-app
    • Configured NGINX as a reverse proxy for a website, and applied Basic Auth and HLS video streaming to it

Technical Skills

  • Programming
    • Java, JavaScript, PHP, Shell
  • Frameworks/Libraries
    • React JS, Redux, Express JS, Node JS, Bootstrap
  • Databases
    • MongoDB, MySQL
  • Other
    • REST APIs, Unit testing, Git, NPM
    • HTML, CSS, SASS, Web Scraping


Phone: (510) 945-8736

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